Munich, Germany

08.03.2017 to 12.03.2017

The Spotbeam exhibition took place during Munich's Jewellery Week and was a opportunity for fellow contemporary jeweller Melanie Isverding and myself to show our work alongside one another for the first time.

Melanie and I met during our post-grad studies at the...

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Geschäft, Munich, Germany

12.03.2015 to 15.03.2015

An exhibition of new jewellery alongside drawings from each artist.

Doris Betz
Laura Deakin
Mielle Harvey
Henriette Schuster.

Open on 12th, 13th & 15th March 2015, from 10am - 5pm

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<h2>My press Exhibition, USA</h2>

My press Exhibition, USA

Gallery Loupe, 50 Church Street, Montclair, New Jersey, USA

10.11.2013 to 08.12.2013

Gallery Loupe is pleased to announce My Press, the latest body of work by Australian contemporary jeweler Laura Deakin. With an archaeologist's quest for clarity, Deakin strings beads of polyester resin (into which newspaper pigment has been pressed) to create necklaces that...

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<h2>Seams Seems, Monash University & Rhode Island School of Design</h2>

Seams Seems, Monash University & Rhode Island School of Design

MADA Gallery, Melbourne

17.06.2013 to 20.08.2013

Seams, Seems is an exhibition bringing together alumni from Monash Art Design & Architecture (MADA) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), presenting a diverse selection of jewellery and objects that sometimes challenges and often delights.  

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<h2>Nature Cabinet - Examples from Nature </h2>

Nature Cabinet - Examples from Nature

Paleontology Museum, Munich

05.06.2013 to 05.07.2013

The exhibition 'Nature's Cabinet - Example from Nature' held by in the Handwerkskammer (Department of Crafts), Munich demonstrates artists who take their inspiration from nature in the fields of glass, ceramic, metal, paper, jewelry and textiles. Using the Paleontology Museum...

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<h2>The Lunatic Swing, Melbourne</h2>

The Lunatic Swing, Melbourne

Gallery Funaki, Melbourne, Australia

04.06.2013 to 29.06.2013

The Lunatic Swing exhibition travels to its first location at Gallery Funaki in Melbourne. The same group of artists will exhibit their work at the recently renovated gallery; Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Sungho Cho, Laura Deakin, Melanie Isverding and Emma Price....

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<h2>The Young Ones</h2>

The Young Ones

Gallery Ra, Amsterdam

30.03.2013 to 22.05.2013

This exhibition featured new jewellery by a group of emerging artist hand picked by Gallery Ra. This gallery prides itself on supporting new talent and recent graduates. This exhibition showed the work of Laura Deakin as well as five other artists:Anja Eichler, Jasmin...

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<h2>The Lunatic Swing, Munich</h2>

The Lunatic Swing, Munich

Kunstarkaden, Sparkassestr. 3, Munich, Germany

26.02.2013 to 30.03.2013

  The Lunatic Swing- Opening on Tuesday 26th February 7pm.- Special Opening on 7th March at 5pm (during Schmuck)Looking past the confines of a given space these six emerging contemporary jewellers will exhibit their work on a transformed landscape. Stretching...

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<h2>My press Exhibition, Gallery Wittenbrink, Germany</h2>

My press Exhibition, Gallery Wittenbrink, Germany

Galerie Wittenbrink, Fuenf Hoefe - Theatinerstr. 14 80333 Munich

26.10.2012 to 24.11.2012

On Friday the 26th of October at 6pm Gallery Wittenbrink will open Laura Deakin first solo exhibition in Munich. The exhibition will include the newest series of work entitled 'My press'. To read more and see samples of the work, click...

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<h2>Galerie Ra</h2>

Galerie Ra

Galerie Ra,Vijzelstraat 80 1017 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

09.07.2011 to 31.08.2011

On July 9th 2011 Laura Deakin and Marian Hosking celebrated the opening of their joint exhibition at Galerie Ra in Amsterdam. Marian Hosking was the head of department when Laura Deakin studied her undergraduate in Fine Arts with Honours from 2000-03. For further details on...

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<h2>Layered traces, folded spaces solo exhibition, Gallery Funaki</h2>

Layered traces, folded spaces solo exhibition, Gallery Funaki

Gallery Funaki, 4 Crossley Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

01.02.2011 to 28.02.2011

In February 2011 Laura Deakin was proud to have her first solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki, Melbourne. The exhibition received a write up in The Age (Melbourne) Magazine. The Age is a Melbourne based newspaper. To read the article click...

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<h2>es perlt...</h2>

es perlt...

Galerie Handwerk Max-Joseph-Str. 4 80333 Munich, Germany

18.06.2010 to 31.07.2010

In recent years, one can now detect a new interest in the pearl: the example of the pearl is reflected not only the traditional functions of jewelry, but also to test new innovative ways of designing with the pearl. The pearl is by its shimmering surface, the regularity of...

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<h2>By Example</h2>

By Example

The Museum of Arts and Crafts - ITAMI, Japan

13.03.2010 to 28.03.2010

By example presents a view of Australian contemporary jewellery through the lens of the processes of learning. It draws attention initially to the transference of knowledge not as a didactic method but through the relationship of the mentor to the learner. At the same time it...

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<h2>Treasure Room Australia</h2>

Treasure Room Australia

Galerie Handwerk , Munich, Germany

26.02.2010 to 10.04.2010

Laura Deakin's making processes employ both deconstructive strategies and illusionary tactics to recontextualise and restyle classical forms of jewellery. Hers is a style that might be described as a jeweller's expression of magic realism; a poetic and ruptured take on 'the...

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<h2>Schmuck 2009</h2>

Schmuck 2009

RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

05.06.2009 to 18.07.2009

SCHMUCK 2009 – The world’s most dynamic contemporary jewellery exhibition will come to the RMIT Gallery from June 5 – July 18 this year. It is the first time this prestigious exhibition will be shown in Australia and only the fourth time it has been shown outside Munich in...

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<h2>12. Erfurter Schmucksymposium</h2>

12. Erfurter Schmucksymposium

Erfurt Art Museum, Munich, Germany

08.08.2008 to 14.08.2008

The bicentennial of the Congress of Erfurt offers jewellery makers an interesting starting point. In 1808 the European rulers met in Erfurt and obviously possessed valuable insignias of their power. For thousands of years, jewellery has defined the social status and the...

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