Laura Deakin is an Australian-born contemporary jeweller who has lived abroad for over a decade, however recently relocated from Munich to Melbourne. She completed her BFA at Monash University under Dr. Marian Hosking and in 2004 she moved to Munich to complete a post-graduate Master studies at Munich's Academy of Fine Art (Akademie der Bildenden Künste) under Prof. Otto Künzli. She is currently living and working in Melbourne, preparing for several solo/group exhibitions planned for next year. Laura is represented by Galerie Wittenbrink, Germany. Gallery Ra, Netherlands and Gallery Loupe, USA. Her work can be seen in permanent collections at the Museum of Modern Art & Design, Munich and Gallery Marzee in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Pearl Series jewellery made by Laura Deakin purchased by NBC for the drama 'State of Affairs' featuring Katherine Heigl
89 silver studs (oxidised), pearls, polyester resin, pigment.
Mixed media.
Mixed Pearls, 2008 - Laura Deakin contemporary jewellery
Contemporary jewellery pendant made by Laura Deakin 2015 'Columba versicolour, 1889'
1 x ivory necklace, polyester resin, pigment. Laura Deakin
Polyester resin, thread, steel pigment. Detail. Laura Deakin contemporary jewellery
'Wearing me out on Thursday 13th Sept. 2012'. Laura Deakin
Silver chain, polyester resin, pigment.
Bike Inner Tubes. Worn.
Contemporary jewellery pendant made by artist Laura Deakin 2015 'Ectopistes migratorius, 1914'
68 silver studs (oxidised), synthetic pearl lustre. Laura Deakin
Bead, polyester resin, thread, pigment
'Of our making on Monday 12th November 2012' Laura Deakin
Spooning Pearls, 2007 - Laura Deakin contemporary jewellery
Mixed media.
Synthetic pearl lustre, polyester resin, pigment. Back.
925 silver, cubic zirconia, polyester resin, pigment. Laura Deakin contemporary jewellery
'Schwarz auf Weiß auf Schwarz'. Necklace 2012. Laura Deakin
'Our Sky on Tuesday the 21st August 2012'. Laura Deakin