Confused Series

2008 - 2011

“Black or red?” she thought, but before she had even glanced in the mirror she was reaching for black: her favourite black shoes.

“Shit, I’m late” she whispered at the clock.

With one finger she attempted to dislodge a stray piece of spinach from between her teeth while her other hand rummaged mindlessly through her jewellery box.

“Where are those damn earrings?” she spluttered, finally freeing the spinach. It had been years since she had worn any kind of jewellery at all.  Finding one earring among the many she pulled, but it was stuck. Wiggle. Giggle. Nope, it was stuck. She lent forward to look inside the draw that had always held her earrings. Then, suddenly shocked, she pulled her hand back violently and stood there motionless, staring at the sweet pink jewellery box. She no longer saw the earrings she remembered, but something entirely different. The earrings had mutated, metamorphosized, evolved. The draw no longer held many earrings, but rather one necklace. How could this have happened? Had it really been that long since she had worn jewellery? Gently pressing her earlobe between her thumb and forefinger and leaning towards the mirror once more she realised that her piercing had long since healed closed.

ConfusedNecklace.Ivory_.2Pic.jpg ConfusedEarrings_yellow_squish.2pic.jpg 2008-confused-earrings-brooch.jpg 2008-confused-earrings-brooch-worn.jpg C.N(Broch)Purpl.w.pearl_.2.jpg C.N(Brooch)Ivory.w.brown_.2.jpg Confused_Necklaces(Brooche)_EU_Prize_Mix.2.1.jpg C.N(Brooch)Wood.w.green_.2.jpg Confused_Earrings(Ring)Green.w.pearl_.2.jpg 2008-confused-earrings-2.jpg L.Deakin.Confused_Earrings(Ring).2012-2.2 copy.jpg Confused-Earings.Ring_.Mustard-Pearl.2.jpg Confused_Necklace_yellow_wood_worn.2.1.jpg 2008-confused-10.jpg Confused_Necklace_White_White_Fake_Pearl.2.jpg 2008-confused-09.jpg Confused-Earrings.Necklace.purple.pearl_.2.jpg Confused_Necklace_Pink_Yellow_Glass_2.jpg Confuced_Earrings.(Necklace)Blue_w.B.pearl_.2.jpg