This new body of work explores notions behind human migration and the connections we all have to it. Nowhere in the world is free of questions around immigration and our political leaders use it as a tool for their own gain. As the child of a foreigner, I was taught about those subtle differences from home one can long for in a new place. The bread is different, the smells, the tastes and the sounds are different. This new work, Mygration, Yourgration, Ourgration, asks questions about what is it like to be a lost in a landscape and why our memories of home flavour our experience of a new place.

Home – a familiar place. We all know it, we all remember it and we all seek to create it. Belongings with us, we seek out a new nest. Across windy oceans with strange ground beneath our feet, we risk everything, leaving memories trapped in time. On a voyage to an unknown destination there are no seat-belts, not safety plans, no exit strategies, we will simply hope for better. Home – a foreign place. We don’t yet know it, we can’t remember it but we seek to create it.

These surreal landscapes are void of human footprints – they are the imagined backdrop of a new place and our journey to it. Small dots of colour coalesce together to form a complete image. Like weary eyes walking through rain the viewer is invited to form an image of home. Front and back are open to the viewer, no secrets here, just the distance between two places. Using tools classically reserved for stone setting the surface is treated and manipulated with a combination of materials, finishing in watercolor paint. The sterling silver corners and chain are hand fabricated and turned, finishing with (the only human element) a bone clasp.

For a look at how this body of work was made, check out this video.

Laura Deakin making contemporary jewellery series Myggration

L.Deakin-Mygration8-worn L.Deakin-Mygration8-4 L.Deakin-Mygration8-1 L.Deakin-Mygration8-5 L.Deakin-Mygration14-worn L.Deakin-Mygration14-4 L.Deakin-Mygration14-1 L.Deakin-Mygration14-3 L.Deakin-Mygration14-2 L.Deakin-Mygration13-worn L.Deakin-Mygration13-1 L.Deakin-Mygration13-2 L.Deakin-Mygration13-4 L.Deakin-Mygration8-1 L.Deakin-Mygration8-3 L.Deakin-Mygration8-2 L.Deakin-2019-Mygration4-worn L.Deakin-2019-Mygration4-frontwhole L.Deakin-2019-Mygration4-back L.Deakin-2019-Mygration2-worn L.Deakin-2019-Mygration2-front L.Deakin-2019-Mygration2-back L.Deakin-2019-Mygration3-backwhole L.Deakin-2019-Mygration3-front L.Deakin-2019-Mygration3-back L.Deakin-Mygration5-worn Mygration#5-3 Mygration#5-2 Mygration#5-4 L.Deakin-2019-Mygration5-worn L.Deakin-2019-Mygration5-front L.Deakin-2019-Mygration5-back L.Deakin-2019-Mygration1-frontwhole L.Deakin-2019-Mygration1-frontside L.Deakin-2019-Mygration1-front