A Gap in Nature

2010 - 2015

With each death of a species comes the death of possibility – Tim Flannery

Concerned by the overall speed of progress that has left many ecosystems empty of diversity the Gap in Nature Series attempts to highlight the ‘death of possibility’ that occurs once a species has dies out. These pieces are inspired by extinct birds and sit or hang on the body as ornaments. By using individually carved and coloured sections all bound together, the wearer and viewer and can feel a slight movement from this creature that will never flutter a wing again.

“Since humans first wandered from their original habitat in Africa, over fifty millennia ago, they have radically altered the environment wherever they have gone, often at the cost of the animals who’d ruled the wild before mankind’s arrival. Humanity’s spread throughout the globe has begotten what paleontologist Richard Leakey has termed the “sixth age of extinction” — the most deadly epoch the planet’s fauna have seen since the demise of the dinosaurs. And in the last five hundred years, since the dawn of the age of exploration, this rate of extinction has accelerated ever more rapidly.”

9.L.Deakin-2015-Columba_versicolour,1889(wornBW).jpg 1.L.Deakin-2015-Columba_versicolour,1889.jpg 5.L.Deakin-2015-Columba_versicolour,1889(detail).jpg 2010-Conuropsis-Carolinensis.jpg 2010-Conuropsis-Carolinensis-detail.jpg 3.L.Deakin-2015-Nestor_productus,1851.jpg 1-coua-delalandei-1834-brosche.jpg Coua Delalandei,1834.jpg 2-coua-delalandei-1834-brosche.jpg 8.L.Deakin-2015-Ectopistes_migratorius,1914(hang).jpg 7.L.Deakin-2015-Ectopistes_migratorius,1914(detail).jpg 1-etched-forever-brosche2.jpg 2-etched-forever-brosche.jpg 2009-Etched-Forever-worn.jpg 2009-Etched-Forever-process.jpg 2009-1860-Snipits.jpg 2009-the-leaders-earrings.jpg 2010-Moho-Nobilis.jpg 2010-Moho-Nobilis-detail.jpg