My press


How can I preserve our moments in time, moments in our time?

Can I capture our sky today? Can I press your skin between my fingers remembering the colour if never the texture? How do I preserve our everyday struggle, our environment and our stories? How can I keep our moments forever against the consequences of time? How do I make the fleeting permanent?

The past two centuries have seen archaeology develop into a science where ‘detectives’ attempt to piece together the clues left behind by the greatest sedentary empires or the most humble of transient peoples. It is with this preservation that archaeologists are able to tell us stories about the past, stories about our past. The telling and re-telling of stories has and still is an extremely important part of all cultures. Indeed scientists now believe that language developed to its level of complexity via this need to communicate both the important and the benign. In recent times these stories found preservation in printed text photographic images. Our daily newspapers bring these two mediums together allowing the everyday person to see and read the everyday. As we move away from print media into our digital pockets where will our daily events be preserved if the lights go out?

Press it, feel it, remember it – slices of our time preserved in my press.

Fictionscape_Mountain_s.jpg WearingMeOut.W.jpg L.Deakin.OurTexture.W.jpg Our_Sky-2PIC.final_.jpg Our_Planet-2PIC.jpg Our_2_Sides-2PIC.final_.1.jpg Our_2_Sides-2PIC.final_.2.jpg Our_Body-2PIC.jpg Our_Headlines-2PIC.1.jpg Our_Headlines-2PIC.2.jpg Conflict.2pic.E.jpg Conflict.layers2pic2.W.jpg Our_Suits-2PIC.1.jpg Our_Suits-2PIC.2.jpg DisWEe.jpg OfOurMaking.Laura_.2pic.W.jpg OfOurMaking.2Pic.1.W.jpg OfOurMaking.2Pic.W.jpg MyBling.2Pic.W.jpg OurUmwelt.2Pic.jpg Fictionscape_Deer_s.jpg Schwarz_auf_Weiss_auf_schwarz.E.jpg Taken.2PIC.W.2.jpg