Ring Forms


The ring; a symbol of eternity. It was this notion of eternal repetition that helped me develop a series of work for the “A Day in the Life of…” workshop held at the Sydney College of the Arts. Everyday I collected a new lineal material and I wrapped it up into a ring; eternity one day at a time. From one material to another…if my finger fits through, it’s a ring, play with colour and texture, the possibilities are endless. Epoxies, thread, fabric, pigment, metal, shell or wood, they all came together to something my finger could fit through.

ring-forms-06.jpg ring-forms-07.jpg ring-forms-05.jpg ring-forms-04.jpg ring-forms-01.jpg ring-forms-09.jpg ring-forms-02.jpg ring-forms-03.jpg ring-forms-08.jpg 2003-ring-forms-01.jpg