Pearls, Press, Confusion & Mygration

Gallery Wittenbrink
11/03/2020 - 15/03/2020

March 2020
Solo exhibition held at Gallery Wittenbrink, Munich.

Curator, Brigitte Jucitis:

‘The show ‘PEARLS, PRESS, CONFUSION, MYGRATION’ exhibits an overview of Australian jeweller Laura Deakin, with the main focus on her new series ‘Mygration’.

Laura Deakin enjoys working on specific series, which focus intensively on a specific theme. She often plays with concepts of assumed and expected function, while juxtaposing modern and classic materials, such as pearls with resin or sterling silver with watercolour paint.

One series entitled ‘My Press’ refers to our daily consumption of print media. Tiles of polyester resin make up each necklace using the extracted print from one single day, each telling a unique story. By pressing each image from the daily newspaper into polyester resin, Deakin preserves our moments.

Her new work, ‘Mygration’, asks questions about what it means to leave a familiar place and move to a foreign one, and what it is like be a minority or why our memories of home flavour our experience of a new place. This body of work explores notions behind human migration and the connections we all have to it. Here Deakin again uses the necklace as a canvas to exhibit wonderful surreal landscapes.’


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