ARTikel3 Galerie
08/03/2017 - 12/03/2017

The Spotbeam exhibition took place during Munich’s Jewellery Week in 2017 and was a opportunity for fellow contemporary jeweller, Melanie Isverding, and myself to show our work alongside one another for the first time.

Melanie and I met during our post-grad studies at the Munich’s Academy of Fine Art. Our work is very different, however we have often worked on projects together and both have a shared aesthetic which lead us to believe that exhibiting our work side-by-side would make an interesting juxtapose. Within our practice our choice of materials, our approach and our intentions are vastly different, however despite this, our work continues to find a common ground and this exhibition showcased these finely shared threads.

The exhibition space at ARTikle3 was the perfect local for our desired set-up. A large, low table with reflective PVC sheeting. This simple material was the perfect canvas to set our work on. With Melanie’s work on one side, and mine on the other, the viewer could see each piece clearly and draw the finer comparisons between the two.

The exhibition was a huge success and lead to a coming exhibition at Gallery Loupe opening on October 5th 2019.

Spotbeam4 Spotbeam3 Spotbeam2 Spotbeam1 Invasive Contraditions1 Crushed Environment Spotbeam-exhibtion