The Lunatic Swing, Melbourne

Gallery Funaki
04/06/2013 - 29/06/2013

The Lunatic Swing exhibition travels to its first location at Gallery Funaki in Melbourne.

The same group of artists will exhibit their work at the recently renovated gallery; Attai Chen, Carina Chitsaz-Shoshtary, Sungho Cho, Laura Deakin, Melanie Isverding and Emma Price.

Otto Künzli (the then professor to all of these now graduated artists) had this to say  “since I know them all pretty well, let me elucidate: these six artists are not really crazy, or funny or even “nuts” or not quite right in the head in any other way! People like to think of artists as rather bizarre, peculiar, strange, as, go on, let’s not beat about the bush; as somewhat crackpot and mad. And sometimes the latter do behave a little bit as if they are. But in fact, and this is, after all, what really matters, we artists are the only truly normal people.”

The exhibition opens on: Monday 3rd June 2013 6-8pm and runs until the 29th June 2013.

4 Crossley Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3000

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 5pm
Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday 11am – 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday

For further information see the gallery’s website –

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