RMIT University – School of Art


This article featured on the RMIT NEWS website describes Laura’s journey to Munich and solo exhibition at Gallery Wittenbrink just as COVID19 was starting to take place.

In November last year Laura Deakin’s latest body of work, Mygration, Yourgration, Ourgration, was accepted into the prestigious annual contemporary jewellery exhibition in Munich, Schmuck. Parallel to this, Deakin was due to exhibit a large body of work at Gallery Wittenbrink during Munich Jewellery Week (9–15 March).

Needless to say, the trip was a vastly different than expected due to COVID-19.

Two days before she was due to fly out the organisers of Schmuck announced they would be required to cancel the event, however Gallery Wittenbrink (along with most other galleries) decided to hold their exhibitions regardless. Who knew things would escalate as they did? The exhibition opened to a good crowd, but sadly as things developed and a lockdown of Munich loomed, everything quickly faded and she found herself scrambling to book a seat on an early flight home.

Using traditional jewellery tools and techniques with contemporary materials, this new body of work explores notions behind human migration and the connections we all have to it. Small dots of colour coalesce together to form a complete image. Like weary eyes walking through rain, the viewer is invited to form an image of home.