This new body of work explores notions behind human migration and the connections we all have to it. Nowhere in the world is free of questions around immigration and our political leaders use it as a tool for their own gain. As the child of a foreigner, I was taught about those subtle differences from […]

My press


How can I preserve our moments in time, moments in our time? Can I capture our sky today? Can I press your skin between my fingers remembering the colour if never the texture? How do I preserve our everyday struggle, our environment and our stories? How can I keep our moments forever against the consequences […]

A Gap in Nature


With each death of a species comes the death of possibility – Tim Flannery Concerned by the overall speed of progress that has left many ecosystems empty of diversity the Gap in Nature Series attempts to highlight the ‘death of possibility’ that occurs once a species has dies out. These pieces are inspired by extinct […]

Confused Series


“Black or red?” she thought, but before she had even glanced in the mirror she was reaching for black: her favourite black shoes. “Shit, I’m late” she whispered at the clock. With one finger she attempted to dislodge a stray piece of spinach from between her teeth while her other hand rummaged mindlessly through her […]

Pearl Series


The Pearl Principle or: A flash, a pipe and a hole Lunar; the power of water; the essence of the moon and ruler of the tides; germination; cosmic life; the divine essence; the life-giving power of the maternal archetype; the female principle of the ocean; self-lumination(1); initiation; justice. It was believed that the pearl was […]

Impressions Series


Part one, now part two. Mix, press and mould. Quick, there’s not much time left now until the clock strikes and the resin will set hard forever, never to be soft again. It is this change of form; the way a material plays with time that fascinated me at first. Since then it’s been a […]

Necklace Forms


“It is human nature to alter the familiar. To dismantle and re-make. To strip back and re-dress. To change structure and re-name. Adornment is also a way of re-dressing, altering and transforming a person’s image, be it social or self. This play of transforming the object that does the altering, is where my interest lies.”

Ring Forms


The ring; a symbol of eternity. It was this notion of eternal repetition that helped me develop a series of work for the “A Day in the Life of…” workshop held at the Sydney College of the Arts. Everyday I collected a new lineal material and I wrapped it up into a ring; eternity one […]